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5 Reasons Why: Hiring a Coach Can Help You Create Wild Success in Your Business, But How Do You Know When You’re Ready?!

April 15, 2021

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How do you know when it’s the right time to hire your own business coach?!

As a business coach to women entrepreneurs, this is something that I get asked quite frequently. As a new business owner, it can feel overwhelming not only starting a business from scratch. It can also feel scary to spend money on hiring a coach before you’ve even MADE any money. Should you hire a coach from day 1? Is it better to wait until you’re actually making a profit? Should you hire a coach when you’re finally making six figures or more?

In this post I’m going to share 5 questions you need to ask yourself before hiring your first business coach!

Question #1: If I continue on this path, will I feel like I’m living up to my fullest potential?

  • Have I been experiencing roadblocks / challenges that have felt difficult to move past?
  • Have I challenged my thoughts lately to break through to new goals and ideas around how to move forward? 
  • Am I able to grow and learn from my challenges or do they feel like setbacks?

Most of the time we hold ourselves back from success without even realizing it. Most new entrepreneurs get caught in a cycle of playing too small and fail to push themselves outside of their comfort zone — the place where real growth and success actually occurs! A coach can help you break through your limiting beliefs, turn challenges into amazing opportunities, and help increase your confidence and feeling of self-worth. All of these can be so beneficial, especially when you’re just starting out!

Question #2: Do I have really big, scary goals that I am aiming to achieve over the next year?

  • Am I setting time every month to re-evaluate my goals and my systems for achieving them?
  • Am I filling my time with menial tasks, or pushing towards things that will truly move my business forward?
  • Is my current way of setting and achieving goals working, or do my goals still feel impossible/far away?

Have you ever felt stuck working on the same goals month after month? So often as business owners we lack the accountability and inspiration to realize our fullest potential. A coach can not only help you re-evaluate your goals every month, but also help you find new inspiration, methods and strategies for accomplishing your goals — both big and small!

Question #3: Have I been secretly holding myself back out of fear of being successful?

  • Am I purposely doing busy work and over-researching to keep me playing safe?
  • Have I let myself fully imagine what being successful will do to my life/business? 
  • When I start making progress towards my goals, am I immediately filled with fear of what others will think?

Did you know that often times when we hold ourselves back from accomplishing our goals, it’s not because we’re afraid of failure — it’s actually because we are terrified of being successful!? When we up-level our lives and find success, our routines, mindsets, and habits start to change. We as humans are so resistant of change that we would often prefer to stay in our comfort zone rather than experience the joy of a new, successful life. A coach can really help cheer you on, adapt to this new lifestyle, and really embrace your newfound level of success!

Question #4: Am I ready to fully believe in myself and my abilities?

  • What are the thoughts that fill my mind – are they empowering and motivating, or criticizing and discouraging?
  • When I think about being successful at something, am I immediately met with doubt and limiting beliefs/fear?
  • Do I truly believe that I’m deserving of success (making money, living a joyous life, having freedom, etc.)?

This is where we have to get REALLY honest with ourselves. A coach can help you learn new strategies and tactics to overcome limiting beliefs, realize your fullest potential, find alignment and joy along your journey, and so much more — but FIRST, you have to be ready and WILLING to embrace your true & fullest potential.

Question #5: Am I feeling burned out from doing all of the things?

  • Am I constantly feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of my tasks?
  • Do I feel guilty for taking a night off?
  • Am I frequently feeling “Shiny Object Syndrome” and chasing new, trendy things to fill my time and energy?

New & seasoned entrepreneurs are both pulled in so many different directions. It can be so difficult to evaluate which social media platforms, habits, marketing tactics and business tools are truly worth our time. The biggest way that we’ll find success as an entrepreneur is by creating strategies to eliminate the overwhelm, stop chasing every new shiny object, and find ways to start living our DREAM LIFE starting today (not in 5 years, not when we’re making X amount of money.) A coach can really help you visualize your future success, ensure that you’re working on things that truly matter, and help you start creating your dream life right where you are!

As your coach, I’m here to help you…

  1. Overcome your limiting beliefs, find your confidence, and realize your true potential of becoming a successful small business owner and entrepreneur.
  2. Implement tactical strategies and habits that will help you eliminate the overwhelm and frustration that comes with creating and growing a business. 
  3. Find the clarity, alignment, and inner peace that comes from taking action on the right things within your business.
  4. Create more abundance in your life, and to start manifesting and receiving your biggest goals and desires.
  5. Create an irresistible brand with tactical strategies like: marketing to and attracting your ideal client, creating a one-of-a-kind client experience, crafting the perfect offer…
    and SO MUCH MORE!

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